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Lee Ka Pui, Etta holds her Bachelor Degree of Arts (Music) (Hons.) from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Lee is the scholarship recipient of the CUHK Honours Certificate (2003-2004), the Chung Chi College Scholarship (2004, 2006), the Faculty Dean's Honours List (2004-2005) and the Kong Yu Kau Memorial Scholarship. Lee was elected as exchange student in her junior year, studied Musicology in Humboldt University, Berlin.

Lee received koto training under Imatake Mie, Koto master of Toudoukai and Hinoda Miwa, Koto master of Sawai Koto School. Since then she performed frequently at the Japanese Club Autumn Music Concert.  She has also performed in the Baptist University as a guest performer of the Japanese Cultural study programme. She was invited to perform for the Japanese Emperor's birthday celebration ceremony held by the Consulate-General of Japan in Hong Kong since 2012.


Miss Li Jiapei graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, majoring in flute and minor in Japanese koto. Awarded a Bachelor of Arts (Music) with Second Class Honours. During his studies, he was awarded a number of scholarships: CUHK Honorary Certificate, Chong Kee College Scholarship, Dean's Commendation and Jiang Yu Liu Memorial Scholarship. She was selected as an exchange student in 2005 to study musicology at Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany.


Mr. Li learned Japanese koto art under the tutelage of Ikuta-ryu Kyoto koto composer Mr. Imatake Miwa and Mr. Sawai Koto Institute Hinoda Miwa. He is currently a member of the Sawai Koto Institute and the Honest Bangle Club.


Since 2007, he has performed on various stages, including the Hong Kong Japanese Club's Autumn Concert, the Hong Kong Club with Christine N Concert, and the St. John's Cathedral Concert. He was also invited by the Society for Japanese Cultural Studies of Hong Kong Baptist University as a visiting performance. He has also been invited to perform at the banquet held by the Japanese Consulate General in Hong Kong.

Mr. Lee is currently studying classical Japanese koto music with one of the teachers of Masaru Okuda, who is a teacher at the orthodox Bang Raku-in.

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