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Japanese Koto Exam
The Koto or Shamisen examination in Japan


There are four basic levels in the Japanese Seiha School of Koto・Shamisen exam course.
After completing the four levels, the primary teacher qualification can be assessed.
  1. General Level
  2. Middle Level
  3. Higher Level
  4. Master Level
If the students of the Hong Kong Japanese Koto Club want to take the advanced exam, they can register for the exam on their behalf with the approval of the teacher.
(Due to the epidemic, the exam is temporarily changed from live performance to video footage.)
Compulsory songs for the general level:
  1. Rokudan no shirabe
  2. leap
Compulsory songs for the middle level:
  1. The song of Chidori
  2. upright
Compulsory music for the higher level:
  1. Song of Spring
  2. Five anvils
Compulsory music for the Master level:
  1. Eight coats (Yaekoromo)
  2. sea of spring

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